Exposition sur la JOIE

                               Cette exposition se déroule autour du thème de la joie à la «[...]

Sadika at Maison et Objet

    Let’s meet! at Maison & Objet Paris Sadika’s design will be exhibited on September[...]

Grand Palais Paris – September 10-13, 2015

We are proud to announce that Sadika will attend The Banquet during Revelation Grand Palais. The Banquet is an[...]


About Sadika

Sadika Keskes was educated in the Fine Arts of Tunis and has trained as a master glassmaker in Murano, near Venice. Returning to Italy, she then devoted herself to the revival of the blown glass in Tunisia, activity which had been abandoned since the 14th century. In 1984, she built her first oven. her productions meet a great success by the diversity of forms and colours. Steeped in the rich heritage of her forefathers, Sadika undertook research that allowed her to reintroduce the Punic glass manufacturing techniques in her workshop. In 1993, Sadika created her first company of glass blown in Gammarth, on "les Côtes de Carthage". Surrounded by blowers she trained, she opened the doors of her workshop to connoisseurs, lovers of the arts of fire and an audience of all backgrounds come admire in blown glass, decorative objects mounted on silver hammered or watermarked, lighting, Garden lights, tableware, etc. These products are exposed in a room of sales built in the Tunisian architectural tradition, enlarged and renovated in 2009. In 2001, the establishment of a Rehabilitation centre of Arts and crafts allowed Sadika to develop around it a network of craftsmen from different regions of Tunisia. Ironworkers, weavers, potters, jewelers, etc., have put their expertise at the service of a more contemporary design under the critical and innovative Sadika's gaze.   In addition to her craft, this centre houses an art space where are exposed cubic's handblown glass sculptures, glass reliefs, precious objects in limited series pertaining to Sadika activity in the field of contemporary art.


Art Gallery

Our art gallery is hosting exhibits of different artists during the year


House Sadika builds from materials such as glass, wood or wrought iron


House Sadika working on products design or real estate projects in full


Our school is open to teenagers and adults.

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